Ulticlip alternative

The CCW concealed carry weapons subreddit is a community about sharing articles, tips, and links about various topics that address CCW. Legal questions should always be asked to a lawyer outside of reddit for a binding answer. Reddit users can interpret the law, but by no means should you consider those opinions as law. Reddiquette: Please abide by proper reddiquette. I'm just curious what my brothers and sisters in arms think about it and if anyone has found a better solution?

Thought it might conceal better in a tucked in office dress shirt. Actually much more obvious. The Ulti-Clip works best with smaller guns, so a G19 might be a bit much. And truth be told, they don't work very well for their intended use as a hidden clip under a belt. I personally like them for small single stacks or a j-frame when I'm wearing board shorts or other pants without a belt.

Outside of that niche situation, I vastly prefer soft loops with a good belt. As far as the rubbing problem, I don't like how pointy they are so I rounded out the edges of mine with a file. That may or may not help you.

UltiClip Slim 2.2

Another alternative would be to try a different type of clip. If you're dead set on having some sort of hidden attachment, try out c or v clips which will both work way better for what you're trying to do. Have you checked out the Ulticlip XL? I think it attaches differently, but I could be wrong.

I haven't seen one in person yet. Yes, the holster won't come off your clothing, but if your clothes can't physically support a 2 lb weight, it's going to sag like an out of shape 80 year old. They don't scream "holster" the same way that conventional tuckable clips do, but they provide the same support as a clip without rigidity which can help with comfort.

And they don't scratch at all, obviously. If you want a full kydex holster, get one. They really aren't uncomfortable as long as you choose a carry position that actually works for you as opposed to relying on the holster to conform to what you think works for you. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. All rights reserved. CCW comments.

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Illegal Content : Any posts or content that is itself illegal.LEO operated. Removable g10 scales. Meant for reverse grip. Can be used without scales for thinner profile. Black machined Removable G10 scales. Cnc machined removable G10 scales.

Removable carbon fiber scales with stainless Gulso bolts. Comes with black faux leather. Faux leather sheath and Carbon fiber handle. Perfect alternative to a folder and quicker to deploy. Stainless bead chain also included for neck carry option. Removal carbon fiber scales.

Perfect compact alternative to a folder. Textured carbon fiber handle with stainless steel tubes. Brown kydex sheath with generic pocket clip. Meant for Pikal reverse grip. Aged look with ferric chloride coating is not permanent and will wear with time. G10 pommel.

How To Install A Fabriclip On a Wingman Holsters Kydex Holster

NitroV stainless. This guy is sharp and pretty much needle point. Aged with ferric chloride for worn look Removable black g10 scales. Comes with. Ideal alternative to a folder. Paracord also included for various deployment options. The ideal folder alternative.

Black G10 handle. Good to good in various grips.Forums New posts. What's new New posts Latest activity. Log in Register. What's new. New posts.

ulticlip alternative

Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter jryock Start date Mar 14, Not very interested in belly bands. Anyone have some leads or experience they can share? I've searched here and on the main Facebook group and gathered some information I can use toward my quest, but I failed to find where specific setups are discussed on their merits.

If nothing concrete presents itself, backup plan A is to modify a RCS Morrigan with some sort of cloth grabber clip or that may be the best plan. Mar 14, I found the Keepers Errond to work well with shorts or sweats.

The clip holds pretty good. Google Ulticlip Holsters. Tropleo Amateur Mar 14, I have this Plus you can attach a raven wing where those two screws are which is how I have it. Kydex has great retention but it's a little more expensive than you would like. I also have a gcode incog that works well and I'm personally interested in added the ulticlip like the video above.

If it doesn't work I'll likely order one of the above recommendations. I've been contemplating buying some of the utiliclips, I've heard good things about them. Currently I use an appendix carry holster with magazine side car for the 43, while running. It has one of the belt tabs to add lateral pressure on the holster. Between that, the weight and the belt clips it stays on my running shorts without moving as is. It might slip out if I somehow ended up inverted, but it stays secure while jogging and sprinting just fine.

Can't say enough good things. Preliminary draws with the two setups have been successful in shorts and lightweight pants using the G26 as a stand in for the G For those interested The adapter plate is necessary since the Morrigan is so form fitting that fastener components would scratch the pistol if the Ulticlip is directly attached.

The plate also eliminates the need for permanent holster alterations, greater design flexibility, and it drives the load from draws directly where RCS designed it to. Orionz06 Amateur Mar 21, By jgradycNovember 4, in Show and Tell.

Great job! I noticed you did the same thing I did To me, that made a noticeable improvement in the fit. You could consider cutting the leather in the lower right of your picture along the bottom ink line to eliminate it.

After that, I'd just leave the other lines. By the way, I've ordered a pair of these belt clips to replace my existing clips like yours. My pet peeve with my dual belt clip holster is that it is hard to get the holster on. Hopefully, these clips will speed up the process.

I'll start a thread to let everyone know how they worked. The Ulticlip came in and I just installed it today.

Here's my first take. It's made well and the clips are sturdy. They fasten really hard so no chance of them becoming unclipped. They fasten to the pant and not the belt so they are easier to clip to the pant.

ulticlip alternative

The belt fits over the clip so nothing is visible except the grip of the gun, which can be covered by a tucked shirt if desired. They are a little longer than my existing clip so the gun sits lower. Just an observation. I can always punch another hole if needed. It's a little hard to fasten the clip that's closest to the center of the back, but it's easier than a regular clip. The belt adjustment isn't as critical to a good fit as it is with a regular clip. I'll wear it for a few days and give another update.

So far, I'd recommend it highly. Oh, you do have to partially remove the belt in order to unclip the holster. I don't see that as a disadvantage or advantage Here ya go.The CCW concealed carry weapons subreddit is a community about sharing articles, tips, and links about various topics that address CCW.

Legal questions should always be asked to a lawyer outside of reddit for a binding answer. Reddit users can interpret the law, but by no means should you consider those opinions as law. Reddiquette: Please abide by proper reddiquette. Thinking it through, it seems like you'd either not have enough grip from on the clip to separate the gun without yanking off the holster, or not enough retention to keep the gun firmly in place so you can get a clean draw.

Sold by GlockStore, but also on Amazon and other places. Yeah I've considered bands but am a little put off by most of them lacking hard cover for the trigger, and they seem like they'd be uncomfortable to me. I know some people even sew kydex hostlers into the pockets but I'm not looking to DIY this project. A bare P disappears into a shorts pocket on me but I need rigid trigger cover and have always thought those pocket card-like pouch holsters look dicey.

I'd prefer IWB with retention. Idk if these are holsters that you see as card-like pouch holsters, but have I'd recommend the Sticky Holster or Desantis Nemesis for pocket carry. They both cover the trigger adequately. As long as the gun and holster are only thing in your pocket, you're good to go. I respect and understand your trigger coverage concerns, as it's obvious why it's important, but to me it seems as if you may be overly concerned, to the point where you're overlooking perfectly safe options.

It's only so many holster alternatives to belt holsters. Two great options: holster with Ulticlip as mentioned above or one with a Fabriclip which I prefer and find better able to distributes weight.

Get one with a wing. You can see me wearing both Ulticlip and Fabriclip holsters on Instagram at at Socalgungal. I use the ulticlip with a TXC holster, literally works amazing with sweatpants and shorts. Theres also a fabriclip but ive yet to try that. Got enough of those recommendations to warrant a look, though it's got some forceful critics as well.Replace your bulky sheath with one of the smallest out there.

It does fit, and unfortunately we don't ship internationally due to ITAR regulations on our end. Next product. Ask a question 5. Add to cart.

Description Specification Questions Reviews. These are cost effective high quality Kydex holsters made here in North Carolina. Available with the Ulticlip 2. Product questions Ask question. John Charles Donewar. Customer reviews. Please sign in to add review. Related products. Customers who bought this product also bought. Customers who viewed this product bought. And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him. Colossians The mind of the wise instructs his mouth, and adds learning and persuasiveness to his lips.

Pleasant words are as a honeycomb, sweet to the mind and healing to the body. And there appeared unto him an angel from heaven, strengthening him. Luke Beat your plowshares into swords and your pruning hooks into spears: Let the weak say "I am a mighty man".Are you going to rig a belt to your gym shorts, so you can still attach your holster and firearm to it?

ulticlip alternative

Are you going to wear a belt in board shorts at the beach? To attach the Ulticlip simply remove whatever attachment system you currently have in use, take the screws from that device, and use them to secure your Ulticlip to the holster. Once this is done you simply flip up the clip, slide the holster into its desired position, and then firmly press the clip back down into place. Ulticlip also advises that after openings the clip will break in and require less force to secure, however the strength of the clip will remain the same.

For the review Ulticlip sent the full variety of sizes for their clips, as well as a multi-purpose mounting plate they call the Ultiplate. Unfortunately there is a limit to the number of guns and holsters I can afford, so I was unable to make use of all the items sent. However, the ones I did use I used thoroughly, and I would be willing to bet the remaining items that I did not get to work with are as equally capable.

The clips I did make use of were the Slim 3. The two remaining clips were the Slim 2. They have a large amount of videos there that will do a far better job demonstrating the best uses for each separately sized clip.

While the Ulticlip will work with any holster that has the screw holes for it, I highly suggest ensuring that you pair your clips with quality holsters like the ones pictured above. It will not be very efficient to have a holster with poor design and retention paired with clip with such strong retention. The XL is the clip that I worked with the most, and it has several distinct features that set it apart from the others.

Most noticeably, it is designed for use with a belt, and as I normally spend most of my days wearing a belt it worked the most with my daily routine. It clamps down as securely as the others, and has the benefit of being slightly wider than the clips that originally came with my Aegis.

The benefit of that is that when I separate the system and leave the mag carrier at home, the holster no longer has a tendency to cant because the retention of the clip and its width keep it firmly upright. Another very unique feature of the XL is that it includes a removable multi-tool in its design, which can really come in handy for those times you have a need and find yourself short of the proper tools.

While the multi-tool is obviously not the handiest of tools to work with, having a set of emergency tools built right into your holster is extremely convenient.

This multi-tool eliminates the need for that. To remove it from the clip simply press firmly down on the underside of the clip with the multi-tool portion flipped up, and once the claws holding it in place are exposed slide it free. An added benefit is that the clip will still work to hold your firearm securely in place while the multi-tool is removed, albeit with far less retention than when it is complete.

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