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Organic Music Marketing is an Atlanta based marketing and promotional agency that specializes in working with musical artists. Among the services offered by the firm include playlist promotion, music pr, music video production, music video promotion, social media influencer marketing, Soundcloud promotion, playlist campaigns, organic streaming promotion, and much more.

The firm works with new artists, established artists, producers, managers and independent record labels to help promote mixtapes, singles, albums, EPs and music videos.


Over the past decade, Organic Music Marketing has worked with a number of high profile record labels and musical artists.

Our rankings are comprehensive, running across a number of types of publicists. As 10BPR expands, we will cover more public relations categories to further help you pick a great company for you! Top Companies Overall. Press Release. Hong Kong. Los Angeles. New York City. San Francisco. Washington DC. Go to Organic Music Marketing.

Organic Music Marketing Organic Music Marketing is an Atlanta based marketing and promotional agency that specializes in working with musical artists. Learn More about Organic Music Marketing.Music promotions are a great way to get more plays and listeners honed in to your sound, but how do you know if you're getting a good deal on them? I've taken the liberty of scouring the internet for the best promotions for indie artists, and I'll continually add more to the page as opportunities arise.

Direct links to the pages are included on this post, so if you want to try out more than one promotion, just use the buttons on THIS page! A quick word of advice as well.

Although some of these services may be cheap, don't be afraid to spend more to get better results. STOP looking for the free way out on everything.

That's how to end up without a music career like the millions of aspiring musicians today. No one needs to give you a "chance". I've listed some of the lower cost services below, but you get out what you put in! You can't expect to get 5, plays out of that at least not real plays. Serious artists usually get professional campaigns, so I'll list the professional campaigns here, and if you have a little bit of a higher budget, I HIGHLY recommend going with the professional service.

In fact, we've been a top Google ranked music promotion service for years now. They have a reach up to 10 million for SoundCloud reposts andfor Spotify playlist followers. Music Crowns takes free submissions, but to be honest with you The free submissions aren't going to get any features at all. With some of their packages, they post it on their Facebook page Over 2, fans.

The Best Music Marketing Strategy For 2020 🚀

These guys seem to really take their time and listen to the artists when they give a review. They place the review on their site, and you can get gig extras for them to tweet it out to their Facebook or Twitter page for very little cost. Jamsphere has a solid Twitter following at over K, and they post a review of your submitted songs to their site as well as 7 other social sites. You can even get the gig extras to get press in more magazines and blogs for a minimal extra cost.

Well worth it. Ricardo's Twitter service is perfect for diversifying your promotion strategy. They advertise to over 1 million genuine followers and can get you in front of some solid people. If you don't qualify for the premium service above, feel free to give this a try!

Stay safe. We're with you.

Couldn't forget about myself! I don't currently have a guaranteed promotion system because there's certain types of content I don't feature on my blog. Instead, I have free submissions. So if it doesn't get featured, it's no biggie. That should in NO way stop you from submitting though. Some people get hundreds of social shares from being featured on the blog.

In fact, if a company can get you targeted plays by country on Spotify or SoundCloud, something fishy is likely up.In FallSwizz Beatz began the release of over 20 new tracks as part of his Monster Mondays campaign. MusicPromoToday led the creative campaign and announced its release through a key industry influencer, Kanye West.

They also wanted the opportunity to expand their reach through North America and Europe. To maximize media coverage in order to achieve his goals, Dorn partnered with MusicPromoToday for the release of the music video and documentary, as well as promotion for his German tour. A new E-book prepared by. Our team of digital experts has put together a FREE e-book detailing all the steps needed to take your career to the next level in Enter your email below to get your copy.

Thank you for your request. We will respond as soon as possible generally within a few hours, and review your request to approve it. MPT Agency was founded in and has since established itself as a global leader in digital music marketing and music PR.

Our agency serves artists, labels, and brands. Contact us if you are looking for a professional music campaign. The Leading. Music Marketing and PR Agency. We focus on enhancing creativity which leads to career growth.

See more music promo campaigns. New York 1 Fifth Ave.Distribution Marketing Social Media. Whatever your needs, we are versed in all things digital! We provide full-service solutions for delivering your music and video to consumers through all major internet music stores, plus digital jukeboxes, direct-to-fan and on-demand destinations. We are everywhere you need to be! Access analysis tools such as; Revenue by Service, Format, Top Albums, Tracks and Artists to get the kind of information you need to compete.

We could not be happier. Have a look at some of our latest work below. News, tidbits and updates from Digital Music Marketing. Digital Music Marketing is a leading provider of high quality internet marketing and digital distribution services for the independent recording community. The brass enhanced track is driven by what…. To the world of.

Digital Music. Distribution Marketing Social Media We got you covered. November 21, Digital Music Marketing will provide you with all the tools you need to succeed in the music business. Join us today and enjoy the benefits of working with a service-oriented company. Join Us!Forbes Music Entertainment specializes in hip hop promotion and is currently ranked as the 1 hip hop radio promotion company and hip hop marketing agency online.

An exclusive brand designed for only the best artists, helping build your YouTube channel with the best YouTube video promotion service in hip hop, get guaranteed radio play and Spotify playlist features for all of your singles. Forbes Music Entertainment has emerged as one of the largest independent record label services with music distribution to over K contacts worldwide. No matter how big, or how small you are you need great marketing.

Forbes Music Entertainment has built a network of music professionals, advertisers, influencer brands, curators, journalists, working DJs, and radio personnel to make your music more discoverable by hip hop fans in the global market. Forbes Music Entertainment works hand in hand with some of the largest groups of djs in the world, as well as official industry radio plugs to break new music.

Our marketing staff boasts one of the most largely successful radio promotion departments in the country, working to get your music more airplay. As the 1 ranked radio promotion company in hip hop, Forbes Music Entertainment has secured partnerships with some of the top coalitions to promote new singles to large groups of working djs and also receives requests directly from radio stations to add their programmers and music directors to our lists for music distribution.

Our staff has earned the respect of the heads of radio and allows us to guarantee radio play. Benefits of Hip Hop Radio Promotion. Guaranteed radio rotation on all radio campaigns. Guaranteed support from dj coalitions. All radio promotion packages guarantee minimum to 10, spins. Include trade advertising to raise awareness in radio.

Get instant access to Spotify playlist promotion, viral YouTube video promotion, global radio airplay on FM, digital and college radio. Increase your income from streaming, licensing, mechanical royalties, publishing, and public performances. Gain more exposure to endorsements, sponsorships, and other branding opportunities.

Create an identity in the culture and take one step closer to becoming a household name. Forbes Music Entertainment focuses on making the best of advances in technology to help potential listeners discover your music.

top music marketing companies

Our director of marketing will work closely with you to help you understand the music business and how you can take your career to the next level. You focus on creating music, and let us handle creating advertising materials, career management and the development of your public profile.

What are the benefits:. Build Spotify Popularity and YouTube subscribers. Debut your music to millions of listeners. Real listeners that can and will share your music. Build a long-lasting buzz within days of your releases.

Forbes Music gives you marketing guarantees. Target the market groups that are most likely to subscribe and follow your brand. Like us on Facebook.An award-winning team of journalists, designers, and videographers who tell brand stories through Fast Company's distinctive lens.

Leaders who are shaping the future of business in creative ways. New workplaces, new food sources, new medicine--even an entirely new economic system. For naming that tune. All the time. The company has also started working directly with artists, allowing them to provide exclusive behind-the-scenes footage, interviews, and unplugged versions of their tracks. With no interruptions, the guarantee that no audio will be stored, and the opportunity for companies to reach consumers based on their TV show or commercial engagements, Shazam has moved from cool party trick to major music-industry player.

For reclaiming karaoke and taking it online. Vocalists perform for thousands of viewers live, and popularity leads to rewards. For staying up all night.

top music marketing companies

A label more closely identified with the old-school music business made two strategic bets in For saving the music industry, one stream at a time. The company has essentially trained roughly 25 million people to pay for streaming music rather than pirate it for free. InSpotify extended its reach to 55 different countries and became the second largest source of music revenue, only behind iTunes. It also invested in music data by acquiring The Echo Nest, which has compiled over 1 trillion data points about more than 35 million songs, undoubtedly giving Spotify a leg up when it comes to providing users with more personalized recommendations and radio playlists.

For shaking up how music goes mainstream. The Harlem Shake meme defined the early part of And it was all because of how Mad Decent, the record label behind the artist Baauer, deftly reached the masses. The viral sensation sold more than one million copies and reached No.

4 weeks Premium next Level Campaign

For mastering the magic of music videos. Once inextricably linked with YouTube, the music video portal took steps toward becoming a standalone musical monolith in For leveraging major label power intelligently. After the release of The Heist inthe duo hired the Alternative Distribution Alliance, an arm of Warner Music Group, to expose the track to markets outside their hometown of Seattle. With the rights to the music in their back pocket, the two could license it without losing creative control or splitting revenue with a label, making the endeavor an unrivaled success.

For going pro properly. The audio platform expanded its reach with a new way for creators to bolster their presence on the site. Earlybird tickets for sold out in just four minutes. For growing up. YouTube held its first annual awards show in to recognize the best acts in music videos.

But YouTube has become more than a place for artists to reach fans directly, it is also paying the artists who are using the platform—more than a billion dollars in Citrix MailChimp. Events Innovation Festival The Grill. Follow us:.

Legit Music Promotion

By Skylar Bergl 4 minute Read. Shazam For naming that tune. YY For reclaiming karaoke and taking it online.We help you identify your brand message while bringing it to life. We design and optimize your social media channels. We get you prepared to drive in the best targeted audience for your music. We were voted 1 Music Marketing Agency in Having worked under some of the biggest labels, we understand the importance of building the right plan for your music career.

Get in touch with us so we can help you set up the perfect strategy and start executing right away! Strategic Music Marketing. Every step is key when building your brand.

We will guide you step by step while helping you build leverage. Targeted music promotion.

top music marketing companies

Contact viewmaniac. Successful Marketing campaigns on several Multi Platinum Projects. Exclusive fan acquisition and targeting technology. Industry insight and coverage have ranked us as the top music promotion blog worldwide for artists, record labels and more. Featured post placements, full website wraps, or Exclusive posts. Engaging Social Media Content. Strategy Execution Success. Voted 1 Music Marketing Agency. Advertise With Us Today! Latest Lyric Video Productions Let us design your project next!

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